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By Jorkkila
It's January changing in to February and not only are the Stars not in a 10-game losing streak, they are on season long wing streak! IS THIS EVEN LEGAL?

I need some hockey knowledge here.
By Modo
Stars lose in OT, win streak ends at 5.

I blame the moms. :lol:
By Elysian
As poor as Nichushkin's season has been, how is he getting scratched for Ritchie? Ridiculous.
By Modo
Teams are scouting Dallas and are asking about Ritchie.

Audition time.

Nobody wants Nuke. :lol:
By Modo
Early game today against the Yotes......again.

Already 1-0 Arizona after 1
By Modo
No 3rd period comeback this time around, probably.

3-0 Devildogs
By ginblossoms
Hintz doing Val's signature move (the one that Val has never executed in the NHL)...
By Modo
Close but no cigar.

Not even a loser point this time.
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