By Kipper
I really think we should give Faksa a shot as a second line center. Still match him up against the other teams top units but tell him to focus a little more on scoring and not just 100% shutting down the other line.

Benn - Seguin - Spezza - Spezza may have not worked out well at wing last year but I think he would be fine playing wing with these two. He has chemistry with them and I think its the best way to get the most out of Spezza.
Janmark - Faksa - Radulov - I see the combination of skills these three have really complimenting each other. I really want to see what Faksa can do in a different role with Radulov on his wing.
Nichushkin - Shore - Pitlick
Dickinson/Smith - Hintz - Ritchie/Comeau - Let Shore, Hintz and even Dickinson fight for time as bottom 6 centers. Wingers could be pretty interchangeable as well, whoever plays the best gets more ice time. If Spezza completely fails up there, try out different wingers with Benn & Seguin and throw Spezza on the fourth line, wait until someone grabs a hold of the spot.

The biggest problem I can see with this is we may just go from having an elite first line, good third line and the other two lines having little impact to having a good first and second line while the other two lines suck. But unless we trade for a top 6 forward I think you have to separate Radulov or Benn from Seguin to balance out the lineup. If Spezza gets his shit together, great, but if he doesn't lets put him in a lesser role where he has a chance of making a positive impact and lets see what Faksa can do when he isn't deployed in a purely defensive role.
By Kipper
Just checked his stats, 1 assist in 1 game. Seems just fine. Or have you been watching him play and seeing him suck?
By Modo
primetimey wrote:
Thu Oct 11, 2018 7:35 pm

Whats Tufte up to these days? Still sucking ass in NCAA?

Another failed draft pick by NILLY NILL
Man, you really do not like that kid, eh? :lol:

I mean, of all the things to dislike about this Stars franchise, Riley Tufte seems rather inconsequential.
By primetimey
He doesn't produce, is passive as hell, and is 6'7 but plays like 5'5.

Howden was the obvious choice, but instead we took a high school player lol
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