By Modo
McDavid wins it again.

Miro ends up 4th, behind Eichel and Barzal.

Not too shabby, although we already knew he had wheels
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By Jorkkila
Good one by Miro. I thought he wasn't pushing it as hard on his second try because of the fall.

Could have put up a faster time imo.
By Modo
Not sure how, but as one of only two blue liners on the Central team, Miro was scoreless and a -1 in a 10-4 win.

Damn greedy forwards. :lol:
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By Jorkkila
I don't know if Miro nicked his leg a bit and didn't want to hurt it more or just taking it very chill because All-Stars game, but didn't look all that interested in the game :D
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