By ginblossoms
Yeah. At least this happened today and not tomorrow. Nill has time to make another move. Just hope it's not a gross overpayment in the stars' desperation.
By ginblossoms
Per coach, he sustained it in Carolina game. Day to day and staying on the road trip. Seems like yet another year in which benn is "playing through injuries"...
By Elysian
I'm sure plenty here would be interested in seeing this... I worked up a spreadsheet today comparing Nill's drafting since 2013 to the rest of the league, based on total # of NHL players w/ at least 1 game, G/A/P, +/-, PIM, and an overall ranking based on the average ranking of each category. ... 1193348725

Spoiler alert: it's not good. At all.
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By Jorkkila
Lot of great info tho! Never go form over function (pun intended).

Very telling that Dallas isn't fairing too well in the draft game, to no one's surprise...
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