Dallas Stars 18-15-3 vs New York Islanders 17-13-4

Back to home with a win to ride on!

Stars lineup:




Dickinson sitting because of minor injury?
Ugh well going for a smile to head over onto Christmas cerebrations.
What a shit game. 39 total points in 36 games.

Here’s my rant. Goaltending is not the issue. I know the D has been a shit show with injuries, but I don’t think it’s a big issue either. Nill has to do something to get more scoring in here ASAP. He absolutely needs to add a top 6 scorer (like every knowledable Stars fan said over the summer).

In my opinion, they need a shooter. Ideally, a right handed sniper.

Given the current age of the core (outside of Heiskanen), I am fully onboard with trading picks and underperforming guys with better potential (Nuke, Faksa, 2019 1st/2nd) and prospects.

I don’t know who the ideal trade target is.
My likely unpopular opinion is that Montgomery isn't a good enough coach. We have a secondary scoring problem, obviously, but our top guys are underperforming as well. Benn, Seguin, and Radulov are not producing at they clip they're being paid for. Neither are a bunch of guys, but those three are the most concerning. I have a feeling it has to do with system, game prep, and an inexperienced coach who can't manage a game. We also don't have a year or two to figure it out, this should have been a win-now team by now.