Jim Nill in the Stars press release:

"In acquiring Andrew, we are able to add a conscientious player who brings a veteran-presence to our room. His explosive speed, 200-foot game and iron-man mentality will help our team both on and off the ice."
Devin Shore always struck me as not consistently great at anything in particular, except for maybe being mediocre. I haven't watched Cogliano whatsoever this year, but at least we know we just improved our speed, PK, forecheck, overall defense, etc. I like the idea of getting a player who can specialize in being good at specific things that are impactful. That being said, I still think this trade sucks. We should get a pick for trading for extra term and extra salary on a depreciating asset, and it probably wouldn't have been hard to sell a GM on the idea that Devin Shore is still young enough to turn into something in the top 6 (even though I don't think he actually is).

This team sucks so bad at asset management. The list of guys Nill has held on to way too long that we could have sold for something interesting if we just cut bait earlier is staggering. Shore, Honka (I still have SOME hope), Ritchie, Oleksiak, Nemeth, and Campbell to name some. I guess you could argue for Gemel Smith and Elie, but I doubt they ever held a ton of value at any point. 99% of the time, if a guy isn't doing anything particularly special, it's because he isn't special, trade that guy for some value. Up next is Jason Dickinson, who I know was highly sought after last year, but is more than likely another bottom six guy, albeit probably better than most of the guys listed above.