By Elysian
Bishop with a brilliant bounce back performance. Let's win the next one that way too.
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By Jorkkila
Hopefully that great outing will boost their confidence into the next game!
By ginblossoms
Didn't get to watch this one but listened to most of it and saw highlights.

Great separation by hintz on his setup for Dickinson.

Relentless forecheck created several turnovers which turned into stars goals. Nice!

Beastmode Benn appears! Holy crap bodying Ellis on the puck retrieval & pass to radulov.

Finish them in Game 6!
By Modo
Thank you, Klinger, for saving me from a goddamn heart attack. Crazy OT period, so glad to see our boys get that W.
By ginblossoms
For me, the story tonight... Tarasenko takes over. Binnington > Bishop. Polak's speed exposed. Stars 1st line still creating chances, though.
By Elysian
We played well enough to win, just didn't get there. Bishop will be lights out next game.
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