So we went and signed Riley Tufte. I'd have much preferred the *checks notes* 56th pick as compensation for not signing him. If the 25th pick were $1 and the draft were a vending machine, I'm pretty sure the Stars pressed the wrong button and ended up with a mounds candy bar when they meant to get a king sized snickers. I bet there isn't a single team in the league who would offer us a late 2nd for Riley Tufte. BTW, the last two guys who got picked at 56th in the 2015 and 2014 draft were Vince Dunn and Ryan Donato. In 2016 it was Dillon Dube, who I am not familiar with, but has played 25 games, and has 5 points in 25 games. I'd feel fairly confident that Riley Tufte won't make that impact in his first 25 games offensively.