By Modo
Let's just have one catch-all thread, since half the time no one starts a new thread anyways lol.

Like tonight.

Nice divisional win over a team they're competing with for playoff seeding.

Seguin also hits 20 goals on the year. Think Cogs might have got his first as a Star as well.
By ginblossoms
Nice! Radulov hustling down the boards to recover that puck! Can some of this not please rub off on Val?!?
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By ColdMedicine
The Stars are tied 1-1 against Nashville but they're in deep trouble because Seguin has already scored and he's the only one that remembers how to do that.

Also, the Jets put 8 on the board in the first 2 periods against the Ducks, and none were scored by Laine. Is he the next Val?
By Modo
Stars win!

Well that was unexpected. Second night of a back to back, IN Nashville, and they pull it off, 3-1.
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By Jorkkila
That was a big win.
Not perfect but at least they are getting it done.
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