By Stars_Fan09
Wow there's a serious culture problem if this is how they play for the second game 7 in a row. Bishop is the only player on the ice who looks like he gives a shit. Everyone's tired and just wants to go home and play golf. Fucking pathetic.
By ginblossoms
After those last 2 periods, the stars deserve to lose. If they pull this one out, great. But yeah. Those were literally the 2 worst periods I've seen them play this whole season. It's like they're nervous or something. Horrible passing with zero pressure on them. What the f?!?
By Modo
Benn you ****ing donkey. :lol:

Had the game and the series on his stick, and can't bury a gift of a wraparound.

That's gonna haunt him for a while, I bet.

Dallas had other chances too, just couldn't finish.

Sucks to see a brilliant performance go to waste like that.

Oh well, at least they keep their 1st rounder.
By Stars_Fan09
Can't wait for the off-season so Nill can overpay on some more aging 3rd and 4th liners
By Elysian
Was a pretty terrible game. Is everyone injured? Literally just gave up two games in a row.

I hope that's the last game I ever see of Roman Polak. Do not resign him, he's terrible.
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By ginblossoms
At least the stars showed up for the overtimes (as compared to periods 2 & 3 anyway)... Chances exchanged... St Louis ultimately converts... Fun season... Looking forward to next season. Re-sign zuc. Can't wait to see Robertson.
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